Data Recovery & Backup

Data Recovery

We offer an advanced data recovery service for all Mac hard drives, including Time Capsule and X Server.

Common data recovery scenarios we help with include:

You deleted important files but have not emptied the Trash.

These files are easily recovered. You simply drag the files from your Trash to the desktop and they should be readable again.

You accidentally formatted or initialised your hard drive.

If you used the erase function of Disk Utility, using the right know-how and tools it should still be possible to recover 100 per cent of the data. If however, you have used the Secure Erase option of Disk Utility, then the files are probably unrecoverable. Apple's Secure Erase function is very powerful as it writes binary zeros or random binary data to your drive, essentially wiping it clean.

Your hard drive is making a clicking or buzzing noise and needs physical repair.

If your hard drive is making a clicking or buzzing sound it is possible that your drive heads have failed or the spindle of the drive has seized. We offer advanced data recovery for drive head replacement and other mechanical problems that can beset a drive.

Your hard drive is totally dead and does not power up or spin even when placed in an external enclosure.

Even if your drive does not power or spin-up, we can help. Apple predominantly usually uses Seagate or Hitachi drives in their systems and we have years of experience in dealing with these brands of drive.

Your Mac has been damaged by smoke, fire or water.

If your Apple Mac computer has been involved in a fire, flooding situation or you simply spilled liquid over your system – we can extract the data for you.

The data on your Time Capsule, NAS, RAID, Flash drive or external hard drive has become inaccessible.

If you are using any of these devices and it is no longer fully operational or you accidentally deleted data during a synch process, we should be able to recover the data for you. We work with all brands including G-Tech, Hitachi, Seagate, Western Digital and Iomega.

Standard data recovery can be performed on-site in your office or home. Advanced data recovery is performed in a full Class -100 cleanroom.

Backup Solutions

Data backup is one of the most important functions you will ever perform on your Apple Mac. Every day your data is at risk from a whole host of data loss scenarios. These include hard drive head crashes, firmware corruption, accidental shock damage, software corruption, theft, fire and flood. In order to mitigate these risks, backing up locally and off-site is essential.

Local Backup

Local back-up is when your data is backed up onto a device such as an external hard drive, Time Capsule, a RAID or NAS device.

Online (Off-Site) Backup

Even though you might have a perfect backup system in your office or home, this still does not mitigate against the risk of power surges, theft, fire and flood. This is why online backup has become so useful.

Computer Ambulance can set up and configure your Mac or Windows systems with one of the world's most reputable online backup providers

Good Backup Strategy Checklist:

  • The backup process should be automated.
  • The backup should be easily verifiable.
  • The backup set should be duplicated.
  • The backup set should be frequently updated.
  • The backup is comprehensive – it backs up all important files.
  • The backup can be quickly restored should the worst happen.